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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Samsonenko Andriy photo

Samsonenko Andriy

candidate of technical science, assistant professor



Phone : 32-94, (056) 746-31-08

Room : к. А-405

A.Samsonenko graduated from NMetAU in 2001 as a master in the specialty “Metallurgic equipment (Equipment for metallurgy)”. He was studying as post-graduate student at the Metal forming department in 2001-2004. He worked as a lecturer in 2004-2010. In2010 he maintained the thesis for the academic rank of the candidate in engineering sciences in the specialty 05.03.05 “Processes and machines for plastic [metal] forming” on the subject “Bases of rational technology for billet section rolling of the tool steels with decreasing the depth of the surface defects and reduction of resources’ consumption”.

He works as assistant head of the department for educational work since 2010 till now.

A.Samsonenko heads the center of career support and job placement since 2008-2012.




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