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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Frolov Yaroslav photo

Frolov Yaroslav

Department manager

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor



Phone : +38 0562 465342

Room : А-410


In 2003 Ya.Frolov maintained the thesis for academic rank of candidate in engineering sciences in the specialty 05.03.05 “Processes and machines for plastic [metal] forming” on the subject “Intensification of reduction schedules while rolling tubes of carbon and alloyed steels in the temperature range of the warm deformation”.

In 2010 he maintained the thesis for academic rank of doctor in engineering sciences in specialty 05.03.05 “Processes and machines for plastic [metal] forming” on the subject: “Development of scientific fundamentals and technological schedules for cold pilger rolling of precision tubes with prognosticated level of metal properties”.

 Subjects taught by the lecturer:

 • Technological peculiarities (features) of the pipe and tube production;

 • Theory of metal forming;

 • Quality, standartization, certificating (certifying).

  The main leads of scientific work:

                   •Change of metal properties during the plastic deformation;

                   • Technology of cold pilger rolling;

                   • Seamless tube production.

 Two competitors maintained their theses for academic rank of candidate in engineering sciences: Dekhtyaryov Volodymyr (NMetAU – 2008) and Tereshchenko Andriy (PJSC Centravis Production Ukraine – 2010).

List of major works:

  1. Фролов В. Ф. Холодная пильгерная прокатка труб : Монография / Фролов В. Ф., Данченко В. Н., Фролов Я. В. – Дніпропетровськ : Пороги, 2005. – 255 с.
  2. Фролов Я. В. Требования к технологии и оборудованию холодной пильгерной прокатки / Я. В. Фролов // Теория и практика металлургии. – 2008. – ? 1. – С. 58–66.
  3. Фролов Я.В. Развитие методов расчета калибровки станов ХПТ / Я. В. Фролов, В. С. Дехтярев // Металлургическая и горнорудная промышленность. – ?2. – 2009 – С. 52–54.

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