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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

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Danchenko Valentine

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor, research worker



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Room : к. А-409

Works in Nmetau with 1962, awarded with the honoured worker of science and technique of Ukraine, laureate of the State bonus of Ukraine and Bonus of Council of Ministers of the USSR, academician of Academy of sciences of higher school (ANVSH) of Ukraine, bonus of Minvuza of UKRAINE, rewards of Yaroslava Wise ANVSH Ukraine, Certificate of Merit of International Tube Association.

An author is 13 monographs, 1 textbook, 4 train aids, and also more than 350 scientific labours in area of plastic deformation of metals (a theory of the continuous rolling is processes of production of pipes, treatment pressure of the special materials), more than 130 inventions, licenses to technical developments are sold the firms of Germany, France, Romania.

A leader of constantly operating scientific seminar is Treatment of materials pressure (Nmetau). Member of editorial board of scientific and technical magazines.

Students: 5 doctors of engineerings sciences, 26 candidates of engineerings sciences.

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