Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Goals and issues

The program objectives of the journal "Theory and Practice of Metallurgy": publication of original and review works on the main problems of metallurgical production.
Issues of the journal: Thermodynamics, kinetics and development of new resource-saving processes for the primary extraction of metals from ores in the production of high-quality iron-carbon alloys, ferroalloys by carbon and alumothermal methods; theoretical bases of rational utilization of metallurgical production wastes and recommendations for their complex use with obtaining a product of a given composition; theoretical foundations and creation of new technological processes of steel refining; heat and mass transfer processes of out-of-furnace processing of steel and creation of refining and heat-insulating mixtures on the basis of secondary materials of vegetable origin; efficiency of metallization of iron ore raw materials and features of production of pellets; choice in blast furnaces of rational values ​​of blast parameters, improvement of gas-dynamic mode of blast furnace melting; development of new blast-furnace devices and systems for control and control of converter melting and after-treatment of steel; development of physical-chemical models of direct (beskoksovaya) production of cast iron and steel; development of technology of refining of steel powdery reagents; theoretical bases of obtaining refractory and superhard materials based on oxide, carbide and nitride systems for abrasive industry and special industries; theory and processes of production of non-traditional aluminum-based non-ferrous alloys; theoretical bases and technological parameters of operation of the main electrotechnical and structural units of electro-alloy and electro-smelting units; automated control systems for electrometallurgical units; production of special types of coke, technology of preparation of low-metamorphosed coal into the charge for coking; technology of production of castings from wear-resistant alloys, including special purpose; technology of production of castings from high-strength cast iron; casting of non-metallic materials; casting of combined castings; processes of primary compression of crystallized metal and cold deformation in the manufacture of precision products; adaptive identification and neuro-phase control of nonlinear dynamic systems; vector optimization, multicriteria analysis and system modeling; mathematical modeling of technological processes and computer processing of experimental data; fractal material science and applied synergetics; scientific bases of multiphase crystallization of alloys, principles of structure formation in carbon alloys based on iron during crystallization and in solid state; polymorphic transformations and phase reactions under conditions of ultrafast solidification and high energy exposure; electrophysical and impulse processing methods and non-destructive quality control methods; stress-deformed state, stability and destruction of structural elements of technological equipment under power and high-gradient thermal load; shape changes, stability and destruction of structurally inhomogeneous thin-walled structural elements with defects of different type; development of nanotechnology of layered coatings, in relation to the problems of surface stability of tributaries; determination of the optimum properties and modes of gas-plasma spraying during the restoration of parts subject to wear and tear damage; maintenance of metallurgical units for monitoring their safety; Hydraulic actuation of metallurgical machines and mechanisms; methods for determining the characteristics of metal fatigue