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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Degree Programmes

BACHELOR PROGRAMMES    240 ECTS credits (4 years duration)                                

MASTER  PROGRAMMES        90-120 ECTS credits (1,5-2 years duration) 





015 Vocational Education

 - Vocational Education

029 Information, Library and Archive Science

 - Documentation and Information Activity

035 Philology

 - Translation

051 Economics

 - Economic Cybernetics

 - Information Technologies in Economics

071 Accounting and Taxation

 - Accounting and Taxation

072 Finance, Banking and Insurance

 - Finance, Banking and Insurance

073 Management

 - Management of International Economic Activity

 - Management of Organization and Administration

 - Management of Small and Medium Business

 - Administrative Management

 - Management of Innovation

 - Intellectual Property Management

 - Project Management

076 Business, Trade and Exchange Activities

 - Economics of Enterprise

101 Ecology 

 - Ecology

122 Computer Science and Information Technologies

 - Information Control Systems and Technologies

 - Information Design Technologies

 - Programming of Portable and Mobile Devices

 - Web-programming of Information Systems

131 Applied Mechanics

 - Manufacturing Technologies

132 Materials Science

 - Materials Engineering

 - Computer Modeling of Materials

 - Heat Treatment of Metals

 - Advanced Materials and Coatings

133 Industrial Machinery Engineering

 - Machines and Equipment for Metallurgy

 - Wheeled and Track-Type Vehicles

136 Metallurgy

 - Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

 - Electrometallurgy

 - Intelligent Control Systems in Metallurgy

 - Marketing and Commerce in Metallurgy

 - Metal Forming

 - Technological Design

 - Art, Jewelry, Dental and Industrial Casting

 - Corrosion Protection of Metal Products

 - Industrial Ecology and Heat Engineering

141 Electric Power Industry, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics

 - Automated Electric Drive, Control Systems and Programming in Electromechanics

 - Electrotechnological Units and Equipment

144 Heat and Power Engineering

 - Heat and Power Engineering

 - Heat Physics

 - Energy Management

151 Automation and Computer Integrated-Technologies

 - Automation and Computer Integrated-Technologies

152 Metrology and Information-Measuring Equipment

 - Metrology of testing and Product Quality Control

 - Quality, Standardization and Certification

161 Chemical Technology and Engineering

 - Oil and Gas Processing and Quality Control Management Systems

 - Chemical Engineering of Fuel and Carbon Materials

 - Chemical Engineering of Porcelain, Ceramic and Refractory Nonmetallic Materials



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