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Renaming of the faculty News icon

According to the order №12 of April 12, 2021, the faculty of Computer Systems Energy and Automation was renamed the Faculty of Applied Computer Technologies.


Department of Power Systems and Energy Management News icon

According to the order of February 7, 2020, the Department of Industrial Power Systems was renamed the Department of Power Systems and Energy Management.


Creating Telegram-bot by students News icon

Students of the Faculty C, EIA have developed a Telegram-bot. Her name is ITA. It can suggest schedule of сlasses, tell a little about yourself and our academy. Add it to the Telegram - @CyberFaculty_bot.


Meeting between students and Employer News icon

A meeting was held between students and representative of the leading IT company DAXX. Students learned about jobs, map of the IT professions, asked the quastions.

We thank you for cooperation!


Faculty council 24.10.2018

October 24, 2018 at 13-00 in the auditorium 502 will be meeting of the Academic Council of the CS, E and A faculty.


1. About preparation of campaign materials for vocational guidance work (Speakers: heads of departments).

2. Attestation of postgraduate students of the faculty (Presenters: scientific supervisors of postgraduate students).

3. Consideration of competition cases, reelection for a new term of faculty staff

    (Speaker: academic secretary of the  CS, E and A faculty associate Professor Dmitrieva I).

4. Different