Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Dobrov Igor Vyacheslavovich photo

Dobrov Igor Vyacheslavovich

Department manager

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor



Phone : (+380562) 471501

Room : М 501


He is a lecturer of discipline: Theory of mechanism and machines, Theory of the fluctuations, Detail of the machines, Dynamic and toughness of the metallurgical machines.


The main trends of the scientific studies:

- theoretical bases of applied mechanic as independent field of classical mechanic;

- development of principally new designs of roller portage for the shaped profile rolling cages cold sheet and bands rolling.


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5. Dobrov I. V. Development of scientific bases of the dynamics of machines as a section of applied mechanics / I. V. Dobrov // Procedia Engineering – V.129 – 2015 – pp. 863–872. База даних: SCOPUS.


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