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The eight number of scientific economic electronic magazine was published.

The eight number of scientific economic electronic magazine was published.

Magazine of "Problems of economy and political economy " is included in the index database of library by name of Vernadskyi and Index Copernicus (2017). The magazine is included to the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (science areas are economic) in accordance with a fiat of Ministry of education and science Ukraine № 374 from 17.03.2017.

Information 20.05.2019.

Bilotserkivets V. V., Zavhorodnіa O. O., Yefymenko A. O., Mykhailenko O. A.
The basics of competitiveness management of national economies, or are there alternatives to the innovative path of development in the global race for leadership? Part II

Zolotaryova O. V., Savchuk S. V.
The policy of attracting foreign direct investment: ways to improve and influence on activity mobility

Leonidov I. L.
Ownership and appropriation of intellectual product: characteristics of externalization

Letucha O. V., Letucha A. A., Taran O. V.
Budgeting as an instrument for functional management by business in the conditions of globalization of the economy

Tkachenko N. I., Bozhanova O. V., Mushnykova S. A., Kerbikova A. S.
Components of the economic mechanism of realization of rent relations in subsoil use: international experience and Ukrainian realities

Alsufieva O. O.
Strategic priorities and current tasks of harmonization the economic interests of the subjects of NIS
Accounting, auditing and analysis

Korol G. O., Akimova T. V., Izviekova I. M., Sotnykova V. A.
Methodical approach to choosing physical indicators of the finished product of a manufacturing enterprise money and credit, finances and tax policy

Petrova L. V.
Research of international practice of taxation of immobile

Bandorina L. M., Udachyna K. O., Tatarchuk A. D.
Modeling of the system of analysis of financial condition for enterprise

Goloviy U. A., Lozovska L. I.
Application neuro-fuzzy economic-mathematical model to determine the optimal volume of insurance payments

Viktorov V. V.
Distributed computation as a tool of blockchain technologies with respect to the energy system of Ukraine

Bandorina L. M., Bulavka A. S.
Trends of outsourcing usage by startup companies

Lypov V. V., Chernukha T. S.
Features of the transformation of the foundations of the institutional complementarity in the Ukrainian system of higher education

Department of international economics, political economy and governance

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