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candidate of economical science, professor



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Mrs. Shpankovskaya has graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgic Institute (former name of the National Metallurgic Academy of Ukraine) back in 1964, specializing in "Economics, organization and planning at iron and steel works". In 1970, she has completed the Postgraduate program at Ural Polytechnic Institute, and in 1993 graduated from the International Management Institute "MIM-Geneva" (Kiev branch) with a diploma in "Innovation management".

Employment record of Mrs. Shpankovskaya includes a number of industrial enterprises, Academy of Sciences and several universities and academies, such as Siberian Metallurgic Institute, Ural Polytechnic Institute, National Metallurgic Academy of Ukraine, State Institute of Post-graduate Education in the industry and Ukrainian State Institute for Scientific Research of Medical and Social Problems of the Disabled.

Nina Shpankovskaya has made a significant scientific and research contribution in the field of metallurgic technology. In collaboration with the Ural Scientific Research Institute of Ferrous Metals and Central Scientific Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy named after Bardin, she conducted researches in methods of steel products quality control, evaluating methods of quality improvement effectiveness during secondary refining of metals, optimising ranges and sizes of the ready product and practical applications of advanced-quality metal. Findings of these researches got accepted in production at 4 major steel plants in the Ural region of Russia and in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works, Verkh-Isetskiy Iron and Steel Works, Chelyabinsk Electro-Metallurgic Works and in metal cord production departments of Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works). One more study by Mrs. Shpankovskaya was focused on improving efficiency of mini-plants (Guryevsk Iron and Steel Works).

Other researches by Mrs. Shpankovskaya were devoted to imitation modelling, methodology of elaboration and implementation of active forms of training in continuous skill development programs for managers and specialists, put to practice at "Kryvorizhstal" steel works in Kryvyi Rih, Ferrous Alloy Plant and Public Joint-Stock Company "Interpipe NIKO TUBE" in Nikopol, Ukraine, as well as at the National Metallurgic Academy of Ukraine itself.

These researches, plus studies in methodology of service fee formation, improvement of analytical support in strategic decision-making and assessment of financial and economical state of enterprises, methodology of economical analysis and evaluation of innovation and investment activities have been released in more than 270 printed publications by Mrs. Shpankovskaya. 7 of these publications have been endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as student training manuals, and 2 others were monographs that Nina Shpankovskaya co-authored.

Under her academic guidance, a former post-graduate at the department Maria Kutsins'ka has obtained an academic degree of Candidate of economical science in 2012 with a thesis on "Information of management accounting in the analysis of operation effectiveness of state higher-education establishments"; today Mrs. Kutsins'ka works for the Department of Accounting and Audit as an associate professor

Nina Shpankovskaya is a member of the award panel of All-Ukrainian Academic Competition in Accounting and Audit, she is also the Academic Secretary of the Economy and Management faculty of the Academy.

Mrs. Shpankovskaya has elaborated a number of courses for students, post-graduates with a master's degree and teachers. She lectures on "Methods of Active Teaching"  (for teachers and post-graduates with a master's degree), "Strategic Analysis" and "Economical Diagnostics" (for post-graduates with a master's degree), as well as on "Theory of Economic Analysis", "Economic Analysis", "Audit", "Managerial Analysis", "Analysis in International Commerce", "Economic Activity Analysis" and "Internal Control" (for students).


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