Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Starovoit Anatolii photo

Starovoit Anatolii

Department manager

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor



Phone : (0562) 374-83-97

Room : 325

Managing chair of metallurgical fuel and reducers, a Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor, general director UNPA of "Ukrkoks", the deserved metallurgist of Ukraine, a member of an academic council on protection of dissertations which operates on the basis of UCHIN, the deputy the editor-in-chief "Uglehimichesky magazine" Kharkov, the editor of section "Koksohimija" of magazine "Metallurgical and mining industry" Dnepro. 

Specialization: research search, the head of competitor's works, improvement and heat recycling on installations of dry suppression of coke.

Reads disciplines: updatings of quality of coke, course research designing for masters