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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Industrial heat-transfer",
speciality: 136 - Metallurgy


Bachelor of metallurgy (4 years of training), Master of Metallurgy (2 years of training)


Graduating students possess knowledge and practical skills for constructing and environmentally friendly operating the thermal units used in metallurgy, manufacture of ceramics and refractory products, and also in food industry and agriculture.



Speciality: "Heat-transfer, automation and ecology of the high-temperature units".

Annual licensed number of students is 25 persons.

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine cooperates with Freiberg Technical University according to the agreement between these educational establishments, our Bachelors of Metallurgy who specialize in industrial heat-transfer, have opportunities to participate in the exchange program for further studies. After accomplishing the course of studies and defense of Master's theses both in Germany and in Ukraine, our graduates receive degrees of Master's of Metallurgy, which are recognized by diplomas of Freiberg Technical University and NMetAU.


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