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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works in the direction of "Metallurgy-2018" News icon

Congratulations to the winners and participants of the All-Ukrainian contest of students' scientific papers in the field of Metallurgy of group students:
ME-18-14 Varytseva Anton, Dvorkovy Oleg, ME-03-17 Fedinchik Anna with the report "The influence of the chemical composition and structure of the metal on its mechanical properties", which took 3rd place;
ME-18-14 Zikina Eugenia, ME-03-15 Poluektova Karina with the report "Physico-chemical analysis of the involvement of the carbide phase in the process of chromium reduction from the constituent systems", which took 3rd place;
ME-18-14 Popova Evgeniya and Karyagian Evgeniya with the report "Thermodynamic modeling of the behavior of components in the slag system on the basis of manganese".

Students tour the house-museum of academician DI Yavornytsky "D.Yavornytsky Repin, friendship started with "Zaporozhian Cossacks"" News icon

May 10, 2017, students together with department of psychological and educational club "Perspective" attended the memorial house-museum of academician D.І. Yavornytsky. In visiting the museum program students took part in an exhibition quest "D.Yavornytsky Repin: friendship, started with "Zaporozhian Cossacks""

All-Ukrainian conference of students and young scientists "Young Academy - 2016"

May 18, 2016 at the Department of TMP and OX under the All-Ukrainian conference of students and young scientists "Young Academy - 2016" was held a meeting of the section "Metallurgy (Pyrometallurgy)" subsection - "Theory of metallurgical processes and general chemistry."
Congratulations to the winners of the conference who spoke with the best reports:
I place - st. gr. ME03-11 Gerasimenko Angelina report "The use of organic additives during pelletization of fine recycled materials" (supervisor Associate Professor YV Myanovskaya);
II place - st. gr. ME03-12 Ivanov Bogdan report "Justification of a rational mode dephosphorization slag manganese alloy with a high content of carbon and silicon" (supervisor Associate Professor AP Meshalkin);
III place - Art. c. ME18-14 Dvorkovoy Oleg report "Investigation of the impact of micro-alloying with nitrogen, titanium and aluminum in a heat-resistant steels kremniymargantsevyh" (supervisor Associate Professor LE Isaeva)

Ukrainian Olympiad "Metallurgy" News icon

The Department of TM and West held the second round of Ukrainian Student Olympiad "Metallurgy". In the competition involved the best students 4 and 5 courses that are taught at the department, namely Gerasimenko A.U. (ME03-11-M) Sinitsyn J.S. (ME03-11-M) Chabanenko M.Y. (ME03-11-M), Kamkin V.U. (ME03-11-M), Ivanov B.N. (ME03-12) Dzyuzyura R.O. (ME03-12) Rosenberg A.S. (ME03-12) Statsenko A.A. (ME03-12) Kulchytska A.A. (ME03-12).
Winners Contest Round I:
1st place - Olesya S. Rosenberg, ME03-12
2nd place - Bohdan M. Ivanov, ME03-12
3rd place - Ruslan O. Dzyuzyura, ME03-12,
Kulchytska Olga, ME03-12,
recommended for participation in the II round of competition.
Congratulations on your victory and wish new achievements!

European Project HETES: Defence of the Interdepartment Complex Graduation Work News icon

The defence of interdepartment complex graduation work “The complex substantiation of innovation technologies of metal production” took place 17 June at the Theories of metallurgical processes and general chemistry department. The work was carried out within the scope of joint European project HETES. Scientific adviser professor, Dr. Sc. Kamkina Ljudmila Vladimirovna. 


All-Ukrainian conference of students and young scientists "Young Academy - 2014"

   Chair of Theory of metallurgical processes and general chemistry within the National Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Academy - 2014" held May 21 meeting of the section "Metallurgy (Pyrometallurgy )" subsection - "Theory of metallurgical processes and general chemistry."

Congratulations! News icon

Congratulations to the student group ME03-11 Sinitsyna Yaroslav Sergeyevich scholars' program became the Zavtra.UA 2014. Presented at the competition research is devoted to research of non-metallic inclusions in steel grade 30G2S obtained by BLZ.

Congratulations! News icon

May 13 -14, 2014 in Dnipropetrovsk national university of railway transport named after academician V. Lazaryan held in the 13th International Students`Scientific Conference:"Engineer of the III Millennium". Congratulations Diploma addressed the conference student groups МЕ03-12 Panchenko Alina will deliver, a report "Research of nitride forming kinetics in cavitatson-resistant steel" leader, of the work docent Isaeva L.E.

Congratulations! News icon

22-24 April 2014 at the State Higher Educational Institution "Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology" took II stage of Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Chemistry. Congratulations student grupy ML01-12-1 Semenov Alexander Dmitrievich take the III place of.

Leader of the work, docent Nykyforova Nina A.

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