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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Teaching materials

Computers architecture

Stochastic processes in automated systems. Applied theory of reliability.

Organization of databases and knowledge

Information technologies of designing automated systems

Algorithmization and Programming

Computers schemotechincs

System analysis

Artificial intelligence system

System programmin and aperations systems

Object-oriented prograaming


Information bases of synergy and nanotechnology

Data protection

Programming and algoritmical labguages

Basic of the complex objects and system automated design

Computer methods of data mining

Structural synthesis of project management systems

Computer networks (local, corporate, global)

Computer simulation of manufacturing processes

Operational calculas

Computer image processing techniques

Information theory basement

Foundations of the interacting systems theory

Systems simulation

Mathematical methods of operations research

Mathematical Principles of optimal design

The theory of algorithms and mathematical foundations of knowledge representation

Methods and tools for computer information technology

Desition making in IUS

Organizational and technological information management systems design

Modern control theory


Technologies and methods of Enterprise Programming

User's interfase design

Software design of Internet technologies

Modern Neuro-Fuzzy ICST

Modern theories of design of machines and devices

System analysis and computer information systems design

System analysis of the information processes

Digital processing of the experimental data

Численные методы в информатике

Programming technology and the creation of software products

Web applications technology design

Fundamentals of Scientific Research

The methods of graphic information processing and the virtual reality synthesis

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