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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of information technology and systems

Mikhalyov Aleksandr Ilijch photo

Department manager: Mikhalyov Aleksandr Ilijch


Address National metallurgical academy of Ukraine,Dnipro, Gagarina avenue, 4


Phone: (+38056)713-52- 56

Department of information technology and systems (ITS) was created in National metallurgical academy of Ukraine at 16.02.2001 by order 20a.

ITS Department graduates in the direction of «12 — Information Technologies» on specialty «122 — Computer Sciences».


Bachelor in Computer Sciences — 4 years of training term.

Master in Computer Sciences — 1.5 years of training term.


Specializations for master:

  • Information Control Systems and Technologies;
  • Information Technologies Design;
  • Programming of Embedded and Mobile devices;
  • Programming of Web-Systems.

Information Control Systems and Technologies (ICS&Т)


  • the development and professional use of computer software and computerized systems of wide class and different purposes;
  • software development of APCS and ACS of PP, intellectual decision support systems, aggregated real-time systems and queuing systems;
  • computer processing of audio and video information, time series in industry
  • and the economy, in the field of
  • nondestructive testing with application of artificial neural (neuro-fuzzy) and immune systems in metallurgy, engineering, chemical and aerospace industries, in the economy and management;
  • network software for the development and implementation of Internet/Intranet applications, electronic document management and web technologies.

Information Technologies Design (ITD)


  • the development of modern information systems for enterprises (integration of CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, MRP and other systems);
  • electronic document management system (implementation of paperless technology of design, suitable with international standards);
  • development of new and adaptation of existing systems, computer graphics, design automation for specific applications (development of software libraries, service applications and custom modules using languages C++, C#, Visual Lisp, etc., programming environments Linux, MS Windows, etc.);
  • computer design of two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional conduction modelling volumetric structures using 2D and 3D systems of automated design (AutoCAD, Solid Works, COMPASS, Unigraphics, etc.);
  • automation of technological preparation of production, in particular, in the development of control programs (real-time programs) for equipment of various classes and purposes, in particular for machine tools with numerical programing control (NPC); 
  • engineering analysis and mathematical modelling of technological processes; software reverse engineering and monitoring of the systems functioning, production facilities, units and machines;
  • software development of integrated logistics support, interactive technical manuals, electronic operational documentation, etc.

Programming of Embedded and Mobile Devices (PEMD)


  • in the synthesis of modern microcontroller architectures, embedded and mobile devices (EMD), their history and role in the development of scientific and technical progress;
  • programming microcontroller EMD;
  • to develop on the basic protocols and typical schemes of connection of the EMD various microcontroller peripheral devices;
  • in the analysis of examples of hardware and software implementations of IT automation technologies: control of the various actuators, processing information from sensors, etc.;
  • in self-organizing processes of interaction of the EMD with a variety of digital measuring devices and microcontroller control systems;
  • in the use of modern software for developing and debugging microcontroller systems EMD.

Programming of Web-Systems (PWebS)


  • design, configuration and professional use of client-server systems;
  • programming of web systems with different orientation and complexity;
  • creation of optimal systems IT project control;
  • administration and monitoring of computer networks and web systems databases;
  • processing of graphical information and the synthesis of virtual and augmented reality;
  • design of organizational and technological informational control systems of web systems.

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