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Specialized scientific council D 08.084.02

Specialized Scientific Council D 08.084.02 with the right to receive for consideration and conduct defense of the thesis for the degree of doctor and candidate of technical sciences, specialty:

05.03.05 - Processes and machines of processing by pressure;
05.16.01 - metallurgy and heat treatment of metals;
05.16.04 - Foundry.

Chairman of the Academic Council: Proydak Yuri, doctor of technical sciences, professor, vice-rector for scientific work.
Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council: Sotsenko Oleg, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.
Scientific secretary: Dolzhansky Anatoly, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department.
Phone: +38 (056) 374 84 00
Tel. / Fax: +38 (056) 745 41 96

The term of the specialized scientific council from 29.12.2014 to 29.12.2016, the



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