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"Material science" - what is it?

Modern material svience it is science about structure and properties of every materials, created human civilization for all the time of its existence. Variety of surrounding us today metallic and non-metal materials so great, that even their short description occupies hundreds of volumes. The specially prepared man, owning basic conformities to the law, fixed in basis of constructing of materials and their exploitation, can understand this sea of information only. Now materialovedenie is occupied by the second place in the world rating system of priority areas of knowledges, yielding only to komp'yuternym technologies, but here it should be noted that progress in area of creation of the new computer systems is also based on a new generation semiconductor and other materials. Materialovedenie is science international. In the world there is not a country which would not bring in the payment in the general money-box of knowledges about materials. Therefore preparation of specialists of materialovedov is conducted in closely

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