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Bandorina Liliya

Department manager

candidate of economical science, assistant professor



Phone : 30-73

Room : Б-511

L. Bandorina works at the economic Informatics Department since 1989. In 2005 he defended his thesis. In 2008 he received the academic title of Professor of the Department of economic Informatics.

Research and development related to the assessment of the effectiveness of intelligent information technologies and applications of mathematical methods and system analysis in management.

Has more than 110 scientific and scientific-methodical publications, 4 manuals approved by MONA, one monograph (Оцінка ефективності інформаційно-інтелектуальних технологій: Дніпропетровськ: ІМА-прес, 2007, - 132 с.), 7 scientific papers in monographs.

Engaged in research and development under the theme "the Methodology of intellectual support economic decision-making" (number of state registration 0100U000553) implemented at the National metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, and research "Methodology regional economic development", which was carried out in Western Donbass Institute of Economics and management (number of state registration 0102U000369).

Supervised the research work under the theme "Розробка моделі формування ціни на інформаційні послуги в умовах ТОВ «Інфосистем» held in the national metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (registration number 0112U007677).

Discipline reads:

- Organization and management of information activities.
- Models of evaluation of the effectiveness of information and intellectual technologies and systems.
- Modeling in the management of socio-economic systems.
- Modeling the economy.
- Fundamentals of algorithmization and programming.
- Modeling of management processes of socio-economic systems.

Supervises graduate students and applicants of a scientific degree of candidate of economic Sciences, specialty 08.00.11 - Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in the economy.