Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Students life

Itself which is put before itself by the entrant, higher education reception, mastering by the chosen trade is. For the decision of this problem on chair all conditions are created. Besides employment students have possibility to work independently in computer classes and chair laboratories, academy library, to participate in student's scientific seminars, annual student's scientific conference "Young academy", performance of research works of chair. However interests of our students are not limited only to study. On chair the command of KVN which participates in competition of KVNOVSKY commands of the faculty devoted to Day power, and also in interfaculty and interuniversity KVN is organised. Students accept active participation in competitions: "I am a first-year student!", "student's spring", etc., visit concerts of a chamber orchestra of Harry Logvina "Seasons" who monthly pass in academy at support of the charitable organisation "Victor Pinchuk's Fund". Cheerfully to spend time with contemporaries it is possible not only during a semestre, but also in a vacation. Trips of students in the winter to Carpathians, and in the summer - in the summer improvingly-sports camp "Friendship" located on the bank of the river Samara are traditional. On the nature it is possible not only to take a breath of fresh air, to go in for sports, but also to get new friends.

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