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1. Mining, designing and intrusion of energy saving of measures on heating and thermal boards of metallurgy and mechanical engineering.


2. Energy audit of the industrial operations


3. System engineering of regenerative heating of boards, cowper stoves, boiler with the purpose of a decrease of consumption of natural gas

 4. Mining of technologies and inventory for complex energy use of a biomass with the purpose of reception of fuel gas and carbon heels.  

Gubynskyi M.V.


Adamenko D.S.

Shyshko J.V.


5. Examination of thermal properties of materials (ground or is model, carried out in the shape of the cylinder by a diameter of 50 mm, height 100 mm).

 6. Calculations of harmful ventings from boiler installations of thermal power stations.

Pinchuk V.O.


7. The system of technological use of a converter waste gas for restitution of iron-ore raw materials of a roasting of chalkstone and heating by metal is designed. 


8. Mining jet processes for energy- and resource saving technologies in metallurgy. 

 9. The increase of systems of heat supply of the industrial operations measures are designed and introduced.

Adamenko D.S.

Kremneva K.V.

10. Energy saving and unwasted salvage secondary energy and coproducts of the operations of mining and metallurgical complex. Pinchuk V.O.

11. Mining inventory and modes:


а) of a roasting of chalkstone of different fractions and sizes in different roasting units;

 b) of a dust recovery behind different technological units;

в) of a hydrovacuum granulation of hyperthermal melts;

 c) of manufacture of iron-ore pellets with use in charge of a pelletizing of fissile chalkstone instead of bentonite.

Forys S.M.

Fedorov S.S.

12. Examination of processes of combustion and mining of measures on pinch of an overall performance of inventory for incineration of combustible. Kremneva K.V.

13. Performance of complex checkout of the operations on questions of energy effectiveness use of fuel and basic power supplies.


14. Survey of using energy units, separate combustible, (heating, heat-treatment furnaces, dryers, boiler units etc.).

 15. An estimation of harmful outbursts by operation of the processing equipment, distribution of the recommendations concerning their abatement.  

Adamenko D.S.

Usenko A.J

16. Mining and scientific justification of systems of pulsation-acoustic incineration of fuel        Adamenko D.S.

17. Theoretical both experimental researches heat and aerodynamic operation of lime-roasting furnaces on different fuels


18. Engineering calculations and definition of an overall performance of lime-roasting furnaces, boiler installations, heating furnaces


19. Model operation and examination heat and mass of processes in heat installations.

 20. Problem solving of optimization heat of processes.
Forys S.M.

21. Intrusion of screen devices in requirements of bar-rolling mills.

22. Design and implementation of renewable energy systems

23. Theoretical and experimental studies of renewable energy systems

24. Development of energy management systems in industrial enterprises according to ISO50001

Pererva V.Y.

Adamenko D.S.

Shyshko J.V.

Pinchuk V.O.

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