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 Department “Treatment of metals pressure” is founded in 1930g. in the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute (now the National metallurgical academy of Ukraine) of .za more than 70 years a department prepared over 6200 specialists for metallurgical industry, 242 candidates and 45 doctors of engineerings sciences.The graduating students of department occupied or hold important leading positions in a metallurgical area. It:
· director of combines, factories, among which Ya.E.Osada, A.A.Shvedchenko, A.T.Esaulov, V.A.Sackiy, Yu.G.Svekla, A.I.Kucenko, V.D.Gladush, G.I.Khaustov,A.F.Grinev, V.S.Kucin, G.A.Esaulov and many dr.;
· directors of institutes, among which A.S.Zinchenko, I.G.Uzlov, A.A.Semenov, V.V.Sergeev, D.K.Nesterov and dr;
· ministers (chlen-kor. NAN of Ukraine V.L.Mazur, A.P.Likhoradov) and deputies of ministers of G.A.Bibik, V.V.Melaschenko and dr;
· leaders of business and financial corporations of A.V.Dementienko, A.N.Stepanenko, G.P.Morozov, A.G.Shevchenko and dr.In Supreme Rade Ukrainy worked or the folk deputies of V.M.Pinchuk, S.A.Chukmasov, S.M.Mikhaylenko, V.A.Mayakin and other.
A department was managed: one of founders of metallurgical science in Ukraine of prof. A.P.Vinogradov (founder of department), academician AN UKRAINE and USSR of A.P.Chekmarev (founder of Dnepropetrovsk school of roll) and honoured worker of science and technique of Ukraine of A.P.Grudev.Na in different times prominent scientists worked a department – chlen-kor. UKRAINE of P.T.Emel'yanenko (created bases of theory of pipe production), professory A.A.Shevchenko, S.I.Borisov, V.M.Klimenko, P.T.Teterin, Ya.L.Vatkin, M.S.Mut'ev, Yu.M.Matveev, A.F.Smolyaninov, M.M.Saf'yan, A.N.Komarov, A.A.Dinnik and other.
 The different generations of scientists created and developed the theory of processes of treatment of metals pressure, executed complex researches of flattings mills, created the row of technological and technical developments of rolling, dragging, kukovanie and punching on many metallurgical and machine-building factories of Ukraine, Rossi, Kazakhstan. A lot of employees of department and its graduating students was got by the honoured ranks, became the laureates of the State bonuses.
From 1999 a department is headed by the Honoured worker of science and technique of Ukraine, professor V.N.Danchenko. Today 7 professors work on a department: Ya.D.Vasilev, V.N.Danchenko, Yu.V.Zil'berg, V.U.Grigorenko, V.A.Grinkevich, M.I.Khanin, V.V.Chigirinskiy; 15 associate professors, 5 assistants, doktoranty and graduate students. Scientific researches, except for teachers, execute 25 research workers.The department of OMD has a laboratory with a various equipment. On a department a computer center is created with three classes, the mathematical design of processes of OMD (including three-dimensional) is widely developed with the use of mashinnoorientirovannykh methods, in particular case method of eventual elements.
 A department constantly supports creative connections with the metallurgical factories of Ukraine, scientific and project institutes (ICHM of NAN of Ukraine, GTI (VNITI), Ukrgipromez and other), academies (ANVSH of Ukraine), international associations (ASM, ITA) and higher educational and scientific establishments outside Ukraine (Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, China and dr) the weekly scientific seminar known among research workers operates a .na department.Every year a department produces over 100 specialists and master's degrees from treatment of metals, and also specialists of higher qualification, pressure.


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