National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Roslik Irene photo

Roslik Irene

Department manager

assistant professor



Phone : 374-85-78

Room : 203

Associate professor of department of coverage, composition materials and defence of metals of the National metallurgical academy of Ukraine (Nmetau).

Finished the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute in 1989 on speciality "Physical and chemical researches of metallurgical processes", specialization "Powder-like and composition materials, coverage".

Candidate of engineering sciences (2000 ), associate professor (2002 ).

Scientific developments of the last years are in an area:

- development and researches of technologies of receipt of ferrous and alloyed powders, construction materials;

- study of properties of ferro-glass powder-like materials.

Teaches disciplines:

- "Mechanics and technology powder-like and composition materials";

- "Theory of processes of forming of structure and properties of powder-like materials";

- "Modern problems of theory and technology of powder-like metallurgy";

- "Powder-like and composition materials";

- "Technology of powder-like metallurgy and defence of metals from corrosion";

- "Technology of receipt of powders and powder-like materials";

- "Powder-like metallurgy";

- "Computerization of technological processes".