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The Ministry of Education and Scienceinforms

The Slovak Republic provides scholarships for Ukrainian citizens to study, research and lecture internships in higher education institutions of the Slovak Republic in the 2021-2022 academic year (registration deadline is October 2021), as well as for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The Ministry of Education and Science invites you to Europe Framework Program for Research and Innovation

The Horizon Europe info-days  from 28 June to 9 July. The Horizon Europe info days will address 9 themes, each featuring a programme of exclusive discussions and hands-on sessions dedicated to a different cluster or part of the new programme.

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The first in Ukraine “Plastic Challenge Hackathon 2021”!

Students, young scientists, and ot herre presentatives of universities are invited.

Applications are accepteduntil May 16, 2021.


The Europe an Commission is holding a webinaron

"How top repare a success ful project for Horizon Europe"on April 21 from 11:00 to 13:30.

Pre-registrationis required top articipate

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