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Research activity

One of the main activities of the Department of Industrial Economics is a research and development activities. Since its founding in 1935, the Department has an active research work, in which both members of the department, and the best students.

Unlike many other high schools and economic departments (especially those created recently) Department of Industrial Economics NMetAU has its own powerful scientific school and has gained vast experience in conducting scientific research.

The Department of Industrial Economics, since 1946 operates Dnepropetrovsk Scientific School effectiveness research metallurgical (industrial) production.The founders of this scientific school made famous enthusiasts economics Joseph Kagan and Taras Ben. At various times, was composed of such famous scientists as Zaitsev Y., Zdornov I., Khakhalina A., Mayorchenko V.,  Puzirkova-Uvarova L., Nikolaev V., Karpov S. and others. In the last 15-20 years range of research and development of the scientific school has spread to related industries (coal mining, engineering, etc.), as well as non-industrial sector (finance, consulting business). 

Currently Dnipropetrovsk scientific school studies of industrial efficiency is headed by  doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of the Department of Industrial Economics, academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, S. Dovbnya

The structure of scientific school are more than 20 scientists who perform research in many fields. Scope of scientific interests of the school encompasses the entire range of problems to ensure efficient operation of industrial enterprises in a market economy.

The main forms of scientific work of the department are:
- State budget work;
- Case studies commissioned by the industry;
- Individual studies within the dissertations.

For each area of research created problematic group. Research conducted directly by implementing the project with the assistance, if necessary, other members of the department and outside experts. General management research project doctorate in economics Dovbnya S. and Ben T. 

Among the significant scientific and practical achievements ofthe scientific school of recent decades include the following:

1) developed methodological position and sound economic performance improve the quality of steel products and improve pricing.

According to the results of studies issued monograph "Economic profiles rentals (Ben T., Kagan, I., Zdornov I., 1963)," Effect of quality iron blast furnace on the economy and steel production "(Khakhalina A., Ivanova L., 1968), "Economic efficiency of the thermal capacity of rolled products and pipes" (Ben T., Koltsov O., Shishatskaya R., 1974), "Fundamentals of pricing policies and pricing in the industry" ( Ben T., 1997); 

2) unsubstantiated technique of factor analysis and activities more effective use of fixed assets, investments and production capacities of industrial enterprises.

Studies published in monographs: "Issues of methodology for analyzing return on assets in the steel industry" (Ben T., 1968), "Improving the efficiency of fixed assets in the steel industry of Ukraine" (Ben T., Podoynitsin T., Ryndak K., 1969), "Analysis of the effectiveness of investment in the steel industry of Ukraine" (Ben T., Ryabchy M., Konashko N., 1971), "Analysis of the effectiveness of fixed assets in the production of steel pipes" (Spivakovskii L., Ben T., Osadchaya V., 1972), "The use of fixed assets and the design capacity of Steel (Ben T., Ryabchy M., Puzirkova-Uvarova L ., 1974). 

3) formed the methodological basis of economic rationale promising plans for reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprises of ferrous metallurgy.

Developed by the Department of Industrial Economics "Methodological guidelines for planning the technical re-equipment and reconstruction of metallurgical plants," and "classificatory activities retooling and reconstruction of metallurgical plants in 1983 were approved Minchermetom USSR for practical use in the workplace.

4) justified measures to raise efficiency in the steel industry.

Been issued the monograph "Problems of Economics of production of manganese elektroferrosplavov (Yartsev K., 1976)," Analysis of profit and profitability of the steel industry "(Khakhalina A., Ivanova L., 1974)," Improving the efficiency of metallurgical production " (Ben T., Kruglyakov L., Puzirkova-Uvarova L., 1975), "Economics of the blast furnace" (Ben T., Mayorchenko V., Plevako V., 1983, 1992) . 

5) developed methodological provisions for evaluation, analysis and forecasting economic and financial situation of enterprises (Ben T.,  Puzirkova-Uvarova L., Pedko A.). 

Methodical provisions recommended by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine for use in the steel industry (in 1997);

6) A methodical base of ecological and economic evaluation of investment projects.

According to the research defended PhD thesis (Vereshchak V.) and published the monograph "The Ecological-economic assessment of investment projects" (Vereshchak V., Ben T., 1998); 

7) developed a complex method of determining the level of monopoly and competition regulation of the markets for industrial products.

According to the research of this direction is protected PhD thesis (Sichenko V., 2001). The developed technique recommended by the State Scientific-Research and Design Technological Institute of the pipe industry for the government regarding the regulation of markets for tubular products; 

8) developed a method of forecasting demand for casting and method of determining the directions of development of technological processes in the foundry.

According to the research of this direction is protected PhD thesis (Semenova T., 2001). Developed techniques used Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NASU in forecasting and policy-development processes in the foundry industry; 

9) grounded conceptual principles, methodical provisions and mechanisms for effective restructuring of industrial enterprises.

According to the research defended his doctoral dissertation (Dovbnya S., 2002) and published a monograph "Methodological framework and direction of enterprise restructuring in the industry" (Dovbnya S., 2002); 

10) drafted a divisional-product of the organizational management structure to order Iron and Steel Works OJSC "Krivorozhstal (Ben T., Dovbnya S., Pedko A., 2004);

11) developed a method of calculating the proportion and regulations conditionally fixed costs for the main shops of metallurgical plant JSC Krivorozhstal (Ben T., Emel'yanov V., 2004).

This method approved by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine for practical use in the steel mills (in 2005);

12) developed the concept of corporate governance and control, the concept of interaction and conflict of interest in joint stock companies, developed the scientific and practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of joint-stock companies on the basis of harmonization of the economic interests of major participants of corporate relations.

According to studies of defended PhD thesis (Pedko A., 2004) and published a monograph: Ukrainian and Russian languages "Ownership, control and conflict of interest in joint stock companies" (Pedko A., 2008). 

Scientific and practical recommendations for improving the system of corporate relations used in the design of the Presidential Decree number 280 dated 21.03.2002 "On measures to promote corporate governance in joint stock companies" and Presidential Decree ? 175 from 09.02.2004 "On the system of measures to address the causes and conditions that contribute to the manifestations of crime and corruption. Scientific and practical recommendations for improving corporate governance in joint stock companies used in the development of the Program of socio-economic and cultural development of the Dnepropetrovsk region in 2003.;

13) justified the modern methods of determining the value of physical and moral drift of machinery and equipment industries.

The study defended PhD thesis (Goncharuk O., 2008) and prepared for the monograph "Assessment of the value of machinery and equipment of metallurgical enterprises"; 

14) developed a new method for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects, which allows more accurate and reliable estimate of real economic efficiency of industrial investment (Ben T., 2006-2009). 

The results of the directions set out in 3 scientific articles in the journal Economics of Ukraine, and several reports on international and Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences.

15) substantiated the conceptual and methodological principles of balancing the interests of major actors of economic relations (Ben T., Pedko A., Vereshchak V. et al, 2008-2009).

In addition to the above studies, in 2007 - 2009 gg. teachers of the department - the representatives of our school were science and other research, which became the basis of PhD theses:

- Improving the mechanism for restructuring the coal industry (Gulick T., 2007); 

- Formation of investment strategy for the enterprise (Kovzel K., 2008). 

Numerous research results of scientific school place in public practice, industry and regional authorities. Hundreds of scientific and practical development of faculty staff at the industrial enterprises, banking institutions, insurance, consulting, audit companies.

The most significant contribution to the implementation of research findings into the practice of business entities, the leader of the Dnepropetrovsk Scientific School effectiveness studies of industrial production. It is worth mentioning only some of their adoption of economic development in recent years.

Under the guidance of prof. Benya T. lecturers Ignashkinoy T. and Loskutova Y. developed and implemented methodological and practical recommendations on the formation and risk assessment of investment resources of the enterprise, the calculation of investment efficiency taking into account the additional effects of financing (Interpipe "). 

Under the guidance and direct participation of prof. Dovbnya S. were developed and implemented: an integrated system of personnel development and hierarchical, balanced system of technical, economic and financial performance of JSC Concern "Spring"; algorithm ratings of the coal mines in the union GP "Dobropolugol; method of optimizing the parameters of the restructuring and construction of a rating scale of priorities for investment mine "Russia" GP "Selidovugol"; multicriteria model for determining the optimal option for restructuring of Open Joint Stock Company  "Dneprogiproshaht" and many other developments. 

Over the entire period of the scientific school is protected by about 100 doctoral and master's theses, published over 30 books and about 1000 scientific articles, held several scientific and practical conferences, received awards at the VDNKh and competitions of scientific works.

A distinctive feature of the department of Industrial Economics NMeTAU is the availability of a package innovation,ready for implementation at the enterprise level, individual industries and at the macroeconomic level.

The most weighty of them belong to are:
- Conceptual and methodological support of the processes of restructuring in the industry (prof. Dovbnya S.; 
- Methods of assessing the effectiveness of investment projects (prof. Ben T.); 
- Methods of evaluation, analysis and forecasting of economic and financial situation of enterprises (prof. Ben T., prof. Dovbnya S., assoc. Pedko A.); 
- Methods of harmonizing the economic interests of the state, shareholders, top managers and staff of joint stock companies (asst. prof. Pedko A.); 
- Regressive-dynamic system of taxation of profits of enterprises (asst. prof. Pedko A.). 

An important area of research department of industrial economy is the implementation economic treaty works. Since its inception, the department performed more than 200 works orders economic treaty Minchermeta USSR and the USSR, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, research institutes, metallurgical and engineering enterprises and their associations. Total funding for these operations is measured in tens of millions of hryvnia. 

In economic treaty Scientific research, Department performs a considerable amount of state budgetary research commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Subjects state budgetary research meets the priorities of scientific research schools (see Annex "Scientific research department Economy promishlennosti (2007-2009 .)"). 

The Department of Industrial Economics operating successfully postgraduate and doctoral studies, which are present "forge" scientific personnel for the department. Several generations of scientific and pedagogical workers of our department held this school.

An important element of the scientific process at the Department of Industrial Economics is to publish research results in scientific journals. Leading Fellow regularly published in the journal "Economy of Ukraine", "Finance of Ukraine", The Economist, "Industrial Economics", "Skhid" and others, as well as foreign economic journals. Information on the number of scientific publications department staff for the 2010 -2013 given in the appendix. 

Faculty and graduate faculty actively participate in international, Ukrainian and regional scientific conferences.

The Department is constantly acting scientific seminar, which reports on the results of studies (dissertations, хоздоговорных and state budgetary research, etc.) are the teachers of the department. The workshop was periodically invited to participate researchers and practitioners from industry, banking and consulting business. Topic Scientific Seminar of the Department in 2010-2013. given in the appendix.

Unquestionable authority of the Dnepropetrovsk Scientific School effectiveness studies of industrial production and the department of industrial economy supported the participation of its representatives in the specialized scientific councils.

On the basis of faculty at the then Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute over 20 years as a specialized scientific council WAC USSR on candidate economic theses. In 1999, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine began to operate a specialized scientific council D 08.084.04 Protection thesis for a Ph.D. (candidate) in Economics. All this time the chairman of the specialized scientific councils was the founder of our scientific school, d.e.n, prof. Ben T. In these specialized scientific councils defended more than 100 Ph.D. and doctoral theses, in particular the 34 Theses - in a specialized academic council D 08.084.04. 

Currently, active participation in the meetings of the Specialized Scientific Council takes Head of the Department of Industrial Economics, prof. Dovbnya S. which is a member of the Specialized Scientific Council of the D in the 08.080.01 National Mining University of doctorate and master's theses on the speciality 08.00.04.

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