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Pinchuk Valeriya Aleksandrovna

Department manager

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor



Phone : +380(56) 374-81-19

Room : 109a

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences (2nd level Doctoral Degree).



State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Master's degree in Engineering, Industrial Heat Power Engineering and Energy Saving.


National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Post Graduate Program, 1st level Doctoral Degree in Technical Sciences, 05.14.06 - Engineering Thermal Physics and Industrial Heat Power Engineering.

Experience in teaching, training and lecturing:


Assistant of Lecturer at the Department of Industrial Heat Power Engineering, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.


Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Heat Power Engineering, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.


Vice Dean at Faculty of Computer Systems, Power Engineering and Automation, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.

2016 – 2019

Professor at the Department of Industrial Heat Power Engineering, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.

2019 – present time

Head of  Department of  Energy Systems and Energy Management (Industrial Heat Power Engineering), National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.

Courses of lecturing:

1. Heat and Mass Transfer.

2. Special issues of heat and mass transfer in high temperature equipment.

3. Energy management and audit.

Supervises student research projects; diploma and master's thesises of research character; supervise postgraduate programs on area of Engineering Thermal Physics and Industrial Heat Power Engineering.

More than 18 years experience in scientific researches.

During this term she was a member of the different scientific teams for the following state grants:
- The development of scientific basis of new, high effective energy saving technologies of thermal processing of carbon containing materials and waste by use of vortex processes;
- The investigation of the high temperature processing of industrial and agricultural waste for achieving energy efficiency and environmental protection improving;
- The investigation of biomass, coal and calcareous materials heat processing in dense and fluidized beds for environmental protection improving and fossil fuels economy;
- The development of innovation technologies of fuel using in the power engineering equipment to decreasing of import energy carriers and to improving of ecological situation;
- The enhancement of the matter waste utilization technology and processes of energy harvesting in the metallurgical industry;
- Scientific justification and development of effective heat transfer processes in the innovation metallurgical technologies.

Research interests:

Thermal Physics and Aerodynamics; mathematical modeling and numeric investigations of heat and transfer processes of coal power engineering; experimental researches of thermo-physical properties of materials; experimental and numerical investigations of peculiarities of ignition and combustion of solid and composite fuels; development of fuel supply and combustion devices for power engineering equipment; activation and catalysis of fuel; extracting rare earth elements from coal; the environmental aspects of the use of solid fuels; the energy potential of the fuel; waste –free coal technologies in the power industry and metallurgy.