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The basic scientific achievements

Main scientific achievements

Department’s scientific developments in the following fields of metallurgical heat engineering have become widely popular and recognized:

- theory and calculation of turbulent streams and flames flowing from burners and sprayers into working space of a furnace (I. Semykin, S. Averin, Yu. Abramenkov);

- calculation of radiant heat exchange in melting furnaces (I. Semykin, N. Zakharikov, Yu. Rozengart, V. Rumyantsev, N. Svinolyubov, Yu. Gorshkov);

- analytical theory of heat conductivity and calculation methods for body heating taking into account thermal stresses (N. Tayets, E. Goldfarb, A. Sabelnikov);

- engineering model of heat conductivity and calculation of body heating based on this model (I. Semykin, N. Svinolyubov, E. Goldfarb);

- heat exchange between gases and hard materials in dense bed applied to furnaces, regenerators and recuperators (I. Semykin, E. Goldfarb, Ye. Semykin, I. Radchenko, V. Gubisnky, I. Boyko, V. Olshansky);

- theory and technology of heating and melting metals based on development of heat conductivity theory methods and taking into account thermal stresses in metals (N. Tayets, E. Goldfarb, V. Olshansky, A. Sabelnikov);

- theory, calculation and design of furnaces for non-oxidation and low-oxidation heating based on application and development of mass transfer theory for steel oxidation and decarbonization in furnaces (V. V. Gubinsky, N. Tayets, Yu. Rozengart, A. Minayev, Yu. Litovchenko, M. Volkova);

- analytical theory of heat exchange in solid materials with moving gases and in fixed bed, methods for calculation of layerwise heat exchange in blast furnaces, regenerators and recuperators (E. Goldfarb, I. Semykin, S. Averin, V. Rumyantsev);

- theory and technology of forced high-speed cooling of rolled products in rolling stream, which enabled to decrease metal loss resulting from oxidation in manufacturing (V. Gubinsky, V. Duduka);

- theory of thermal operation of furnaces with controlled firing and gas circulation; optimization of temperature conditions for minimal fuel consumption (V. Gubinsky, S. Averin, L. Panyukhno);

- optimal management of fuel resources within one furnace, group of furnaces, steel production in general (V. Olshansky);

- theory and technology for directional solidification of cast products obtaining aligned structure through their controlled cooling mode (M. Pekarsky, V. Kolesnik, V. Tsiperukhin).

The most large-scale and original engineering designs of the department implemented as technologies and units at metallurgical plants of Ukraine are:

- a furnace unit for continuous compression of steel cuttings at Dnipropetrovsk enterprise Vtorchermet (I. Semykin, S. Averin, V. Rumyantsev, V. Polyakov);

- two-cell furnace for non oxidation heating of small steel scrap before compressing at Vtorchermet plant in Konstantinov (I. Semykin, S. Averin, V. Rumyantsev, V. Polyakov);

- heating open-hearth furnaces with natural gas with its self-carburation in a regenerative reformer at Karl Libknecht plant (I. Semykin, L. Panyukhno, N. Svinolyubov, S. Averin, V. Tomilko);

- a continuous furnace with two-step fuel consumption for non oxidation metal heating at Dzerzhinsky plant (N. Tayets, Yu. Rozengart);

- a unit for high-speed rolled wire cooling at wire mills at Krivorozhsky metallurgical plant to decrease metal losses during oxidation (V. Gubinsky, Yu. Pyatigorsky);

- technology for low oxidation heating ingots in pits with shielding gases at the blooming mill 1 at Krivorozhsky metal plant (V. Gubinsky, N. Tayets, A. Minayev, V. Gupalo, V. Tsuran);

- a pit furnace with swinging heater at the blooming mill 2 at Krivorozhsky metal plant (V. Gubinsky, A. Dugantsev, A. Chernetsky, V. Galekh, V. Gupalo);

- a pit furnace with controllable flame at the blooming mill 1 at Krivorozhsky metal plant (S. Averin, L. Panyukhno);

- technology for blast-furnace blast heating at Ukrainian metallurgical plants that provides increased durability of air heater nozzles, blast heating temperature, decreased harmful discharges into the atmosphere (L. Gres, E. Goldfarb, Yu. Fleishman);

- new method of intensification of lower heating for broad continuous furnaces at sheet mills at Illich plant in Mariupol and Alchevsky steel plant (V. Olshansky, S. Suryadnaya, A. Martynenko);

- high-speed stream and flame heating at Komintern plant in Dnipropetrovsk (V. Olshansky, V. Gupalo, A. Komarov, S. Suryadnaya);

- new efficient constructions for metal recuperators at Nikopol Yuzhnotrubny plant, Donetsk and Yenakievo metallurgical plants (I. Boyko, L. Pora-Leonovich, I. Pashin, S. Suryadnaya);

- design of increased durability furnace rollers for thermal and heating furnaces at Alchevsky steel plant and Zaporozhstal works (Yu. Borbots, V. Kravchenko, V. Averyanov, S. Teteryadchenko, S. Monakhov);

- Soaking pit with ball-type regenerators at the blooming mill 1 at Krivorozhstal JSC (V. Gubinsky, A. Yeremin);

- Thermostrengthening technology for reinforcing bars with minimal power and water consumption at Krivorozhstal JSC (V. Gubinsky, A. Rybalov).

 Metallurgical plants in Russia first mastered heating titanium alloy ingots before rolling at Berhne-Saldinsky metalworking plant (V. Olshansky, G. Malkin); launched units for high-speed cooling of rolled products at Izhstal plant and Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant (V. Gubinsky, Yu. Pyatigorsky, V. Duduka); implemented resource economy technologies for flame induction heating and low temperature metal rolling at a small-section mill at Izhstal plant (V. Gubinsky, V. Brovkinn, Yu. Kuyan).

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