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April 15 is the Day of Environmental Knowledge

April 15 is the Day of Environmental Knowledge

Ecology education is the necessary part of the harmonic ecological safety development of the society. That is why ecological upbringing and informing of public, training of highly educated specialists are the most important means of transformation for sustainable development of all countries in the world.

The Day of Environmental Knowledge is grave for people all over the world because it’s telling about safety live ways in future for everyone. Inoculation of ecological culture today is the guaranty of health preservation for future generation!

The aim of this poll is desire to attract attention to the importance of environmental knowledge and to find out how the population of the city is informed about points of ecology as a science and is interested to save proper environment for their own lives.

This video was collected and prepared by students of NMetAU Sobolevska Sophia (ТЗ01-20) and Skryaha Daniel (ХТ01-20)


Department of Ecology, Heat Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health