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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Ecology",
speciality: 101 - Ecology


Bachelor (training for 4 years), master (training for 2 years)


Ecologist must possess a wide range of academic, engineering and vocational education.Our approach is to combine the most complete perception of the objects of study - the environment, technology, basic production processes, their development and design, as well as the maximum breadth of the information given by the specialized knowledge required for environmental specialists.


One of the major trends in today's Ukraine is the greening of life of the population and the production of the country.Priorities include elimination and reduction of emissions in the production environment pollutants and toxic substances, environmental safety products consumer market, the actions called for a national program of environmental management and the transition to environmentally sound human life.
In Ukraine, as in other countries, the vast majority of enterprises today need to provide environmental support, which includes a wide range of engineering activities, methods and ways to implement them.This sets the direction of training.
Due to the perceived need in the scientific and technological progress and the devastating effects of human impact was the specialty "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Natural Resources."

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