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  Address:  room 252, 4 Gagarina av., NMetAU, Dnipro, Ukraine






The history of student government


   Student government emerged at the same time with the establishment of higher education, exactly during the founding of universities in medieval Europe. Throughout the development of the educational system term "university " had  different meaning and applied only to the student group and had no relation to  teachers .


   In countries of Western Europe in the first half of nineteenth century students’ social work became an integral part of  socio - political life.


   In Russian Empire student government emerged at the second part of XIX- beginning of XX century. Pupils not only solved the problems associated with the study, but also dealt with satisfying public interests.  There were established different student organizations , which at the beginning of XX century became a significant element of the political movement .


   When  Soviet authorities arrived, there was created such an influential youth organization as Komsomol. The main task of the Komsomol was to maintain international, revolutionary, combat and labor traditions of the Soviet Communist Party. Students took part in the international movement of progressive students.


  With the collapse of the Soviet Union Komsomol  lost its ideological value and students had  to find a new form of association for self-fulfillment and participation in the life of universities. At the time of independence of Ukraine student government acquired a new form. All-Ukrainian Student Council was striking embodiment of   the most prominent part of the student government , which went to a new level of self-government. Its purpose was to promote the development of student self-government , cooperation of state and local authorities with the association of students.


  The Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Law of Ukraine" “On Higher Education “ on the issue of student government  in 2010 is of great importance for development of student government. It sets out the main regulations of students’ participation in universities government.


Students council of  NMetAU

Chairmen of the student government:

  Kopytko Ivan

Sergei Zaychenko

  Head of the utility enterprise

"The administrative and technical management"

Dnipropetrovsk City Council

Dmitry Pavlov

Chairman’s Advisor

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council,

Director of the center of  Dnepropetrovsk social and psychological support

Postolnik Nazariy

Deputy Chairman of the IDA District Council in Dnepropetrovsk


Makodzeba Anna

Fashion PR manager Charisma Fashion Group

Tovmashenko Roman


  Chairman of the Youth Council of Dnepropetrovsk

under mayor, chief of staff.
    Pudla Aleksandra

                       Catherine Yudchenko

Catherine Milova
Gamova Anastasia