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General academic database of selective disciplines

The Law of Ukraine on Higher Education guarantees to persons studying in higher education institutions the choice of courses within the limits stipulated by the respective educational program and curriculum, in the amount of not less than 25 percent of the total ECTS credits provided for this higher education level.

The realization of this right was ensured by the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine through the introduction of "Organizational and methodological foundations of providing a selective component of educational and professional training programs for specialists".


vybor_distsiplin_1_kursa_bakalavrov_2022-2023.xlsx (vybor_distsiplin_1_kursa_bakalavrov_2022-2023.xlsx 15 kb)

vybor_distsiplin_2_kursa_bakalavrov_2022-2023__lbr_4_rbr___lbr_2_rbr_.xlsx (vybor_distsiplin_2_kursa_bakalavrov_2022-2023__lbr_4_rbr___lbr_2_rbr_.xlsx 11 kb)

3kurs_22-23.pdf (3kurs_22-23.pdf 69 kb)

4kurs_22-23.pdf (4kurs_22-23.pdf 77 kb)

vybor_distsiplin_magistrov_2022-2023__lbr_5_rbr___lbr_1_rbr_.xlsx (vybor_distsiplin_magistrov_2022-2023__lbr_5_rbr___lbr_1_rbr_.xlsx 15 kb)

vd_bakalavr_1_kurs_2023-2024.xlsx (vd_bakalavr_1_kurs_2023-2024.xlsx 15 kb)

v_d_2_kursa_bakalavrov_2023-2024.xlsx (v_d_2_kursa_bakalavrov_2023-2024.xlsx 17 kb)

vd_3kurs_23-24n.r.pdf (vd_3kurs_23-24n.r.pdf 236 kb)

4kurs_vd_23-24.pdf (4kurs_vd_23-24.pdf 254 kb)

v_d_magistrov_2023-2024.xlsx (v_d_magistrov_2023-2024.xlsx 23 kb)