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History of the departmentof industrial machinery engineering


Department ofindustrialmachineryengineering was created in 2023 by merging the department of machines and aggregates of metallurgical production (MAMP) and the department of wheeled and tracked vehicles (WTV).

The history of the Department dates back to 1930. It was created together with the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute (DMetI) by Order No. 1240 of April 17, 1930 by the All-Union Council of the National Economy. At that time, the institute had 3 faculties: ferrous metallurgy (6 specialties), non-ferrous metallurgy (4 specialties) and factory (5 specialties). The department of mechanization of hot metal processing shops was formed at the factory faculty. It changed its names during its existence, but its followers were always called mechanics.

The department was headed by Professor Homellya S. P., who headed the department of lifting machines at the Mining Institute. He was a professor of a traditional pre-revolutionary school who graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology in 1902. He entered to the history of our science as a theoretician of braking devices, having created the first braking laboratory in the Soviet Union at DMetI.

The Mechanization Department of DMetI was the first in the USSR to start training mechanical engineers for metallurgical plants. In 1934, when similar departments were just being created in other universities, the department carried out unprecedented work on the graduation of 120 mechanics for metallurgical industries. The development of original study plans for the given specialty is due to the activity of prof. Shchyrenko M. S., who became the head in 1944. At that moment, the department was called "Mechanical equipment of metallurgical shops".

A graduate of the Kyiv Polytechnic University (graduated in 1913), M. S. Shchyrenko worked for a long time in metallurgical production as the head of the project department and, part-time, taught at the Katerynoslav Mining Institute. This allowed him to collect a wealth of factual material, which became the basis of the first textbook "Mechanical equipment of blast furnaces and steelmaking shops" (written in 1939, published in 1942). At that time, the All-Union Committee for Higher Education approved the curriculum for the specialty "Mechanical equipment of metallurgical shops" developed by M. S. Shchyrenko, which gives reasons to consider him the founder of teaching this specialty in universities of the USSR. He made a significant contribution to the creation of loading devices for blast furnaces, as well as filling machines for steel smelting units. Prof. Shchyrenko M. S. headed the department until 1959 and completed his creative activity by writing the fundamental textbook "Mechanical equipment of blast furnaces".

In connection with the death of M. S. Shchyrenko, this textbook was edited by his learner, Prof. Dobrov V. P., who headed the department from 1959 to 1965. It should be noted the works of V. P. Dobrov and his learners in the field of sheet metal dynamics, machines for continuous casting of blanks (these were probably the first such studies) and electric arc furnaces.

Since 1965, the department has been headed by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of the Higher School Viktor Mykhailovych Grebenik. In the imagination of the scientific community, his name is associated with the founding of the school of reliability of metallurgical equipment. This opinion took root thanks to three fundamental reference books "Reliability of metallurgical equipment" (1980 - 1st edition, 1989 - 2nd edition), "Increasing the reliability of metallurgical equipment" (1988), which he created with his learners. In the 1970s, the department under the leadership of V. M. Grebenik regularly organized conferences on the reliability of metallurgical equipment, which were resumed in 2013.

Heading the department of mechanical equipment of metallurgical plants for 20 years, Grebenik V. M. formed a scientific direction that has been the main one for this department for more than half a century. His track record includes 225 articles, 5 monographs and 25 textbooks and manuals. Among the latter, a special place is occupied by the three-volume "Machines and Aggregates of Metallurgical Plants", which survived 2 editions (1977-78, 1988). This textbook, written by a team of authoritative scientists under the guidance of Academician O. I. Tselikov, remains among the main textbooks for the training of mechanical engineering students. In this way, V. M. Grebenik created a modern educational and methodological base for the training of mechanical engineers of metallurgical plants, which, along with the development of the problem of reliability, is his undoubted achievement.

In 1985, a learner of V. M. Grebenik, prof. Gordienko A. V., became the head of the department. At the same time, the department was named MAMP. During the activity of A. V. Gordienko, the department was relocated from the old buildings to the new building "M", the material base of the department received further development, the training of students in a new specialization - automated construction of metallurgical machines – was begun. Scientifically, Prof. A. V. Gordienko solved the problem of increasing the reliability of rolling equipment by using built-in systems for controlling its operation parameters. During the period of A. V. Gordienko's headship, the heyday of scientific research works occurred, when their annual funding reached several hundred thousand rubles, the teaching staff consisted of 22-25 teachers (including 4 professors), and the number of scientific employees - more than 30 people.

After the untimely death of Prof. A.V. Gordienko at the beginning of 1996, the department was headed by another learner of prof. Grebenik V. M., professor Tsapko V. K., laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine (2001), academician of the Higher School. He successfully implemented the basic principles of non-failure theory into production for the improvement of pipe-rolling units.

During this period, the department's staff began preparing documentation for licensing new specialties in mechanical engineering. This activity was quite active, as a result of which, in 2004, the WTV department separated from the MAMP department. It was headed by a graduate of the department, associate professor Nazarets V. S. Currently, the departments have re-united into a single department of Industrial Machinery Engineering.

After the untimely death of V. K. Tsapko in 2003, agreed to head the department, the pupil of department, prof. Bolshakov V. I., laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine (2001) and the CM of Kazakhstan (1991). In 2009, V. I. Bolshakov was elected a full member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for his significant achievements in the creation and mastering of large-volume blast furnaces.

In 2012, V. I. Bolshakov handed over the headship of the department to prof. Bilodidenko S. V., who is also its pupil, who was the deputy head of the MAMP department for 16 years. He is a well-known specialist in life prediction and fatigue testing of structural elements, who developed the basics of maintenance of mechanical systems for safety and risk control. Its activity is characterized by the expansion of the international relations of the department (the Italian firm "Danieli Heavy Machinery", the German Freiburg Mining and Metallurgical Academy, the Silesian Technical University in Poland) and the fields of research (in addition to metallurgy, it is mining production, railway transport, aero - space technology). In 2016-2020, he was actively involved in educational and methodological activities as part of the commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. As a result of its work, S. V. Bilodidenko became a co-author of three standards of higher education in "Industrial Mechanical Engineering". Now Prof. Bilodidenko S. V.  appointed head of the Department of Industrial Machinery Engineering.

In different years taught at the department, laureates of the State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine professors Tkachenko A. S.  and Noskov V. O., laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine prof. Plyskanovskyi S. T. and Dean of the Faculty, Assoc. prof. Yermokratiev V. O. (2001), professors Rohman E. A., Usachov V. P., Blokhin V. S., associate professors Stepenko V. Z., Sheremet Y. V., Geleveri V. I., Nadion V. F., Storozhyk  D. O., Chernov L. A., Kashkarev V. A., Ioffe A. M., Kutsov Y. G., Vulykh A. Yu., Vdovin V. D., Mamchyts E. K., Alekseev V. V., Raber L. M., Grynevich V. I., Makhnytskyi I. G., assistants Demyanets L. O., Svyridenko L. G., Nechyporenko V. M., Arsentiev I. V., Kutsevolov S. M., Malkin O. A.

The department has trained about 10,000 mechanical engineers, several hundred masters in metallurgical equipment and vehicles, about 200 candidates of sciences. Among the distinguished graduates of the department, a large proportion are doctors of science and professors - there are more than 20 of them. Moreover, these are not only pillars from the mechanical equipment of metallurgy - Prytykin D. P., Sapko O. I., Tsekhnovich L. I., Prazdnikov A. V., but also specialists from other fields: Safyan M. M. (metal processing pressure), Obodan V. Ya.  and Piestrykov V. M.  (solid mechanics), Teverovskyi B. Z. and Heifets R. G. (thermal energy), Volozhin L. M. and Sukhii K. M. (chemistry), Provolotskyi O. E. (mechanical engineering), I. G. Muravyova (blast furnace technology). Among the graduates of the department are state and public figures: Hero of Socialist Labor, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (1985-89), head of the KGB of the USSR (1982-88) Chebrikov V. M., minister in the government of the GDR (1967-1989) Kurt Zinghuber, member Politburo of the Labor Party of Korea (1990s) Kim Ben Phar, Deputy Minister of Heavy and Transport Engineering of the USSR Zvizhuliov E. Ya. (1976-1987), People's Deputy of Ukraine Morozenko E. V. (VII convocation).

Currently, the department is taught by the head of the department, professor Bilodidenko S. V., professor Bayul K. V., associate professors Hanush V. I., Kononov D. O., Mazur I. A., Malich M. G., Melyantsov P. T., Nazarets V.S., Povorotniy V. V., Tolstikov G. I., senior teachers and assistants Bilichenko H. M., Losikov O. M., Sydorenko V. K. The training of bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy is conducted in the direction of  "Industrial Machinery Engineering". The main directions of scientific activity at the present time are the following:

1. Maintenance and diagnostics of mechanical systems by monitoring their safety and risk. 2. Improvement of machines for metallurgical production (including with the use of a hydraulic drive). 3. Increasing the reliability of mechanical systems of industrial equipment and vehicles. 4. Computer modeling of mechanisms in industrial production and transport.


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