Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

International conference «Reliability and dynamics of heavy machines» RDHM-2018

Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of academician of the NAS of Ukraine Vadim I. Bol’shakov 

Ministry of education and sciences of Ukraine National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Z. I. Nekrasov Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy
Danieli Heavy Maсhinery Engineering


From 2013 this is the third conference organized by the organizers on this topic. At the conference it is planned to consider the connection of dynamic processes in heavy industrial and transport vehicles with their reliability; establish trends in the development of methods for dynamic analysis, evaluation of reliability and durability of mechanical systems.

Purpose of conference. As a result of the conference the advanced directions of research in the field of reliability and dynamics of heavy machinery will be outlined, technical solutions for industry and transport in the field of diagnosing the technical condition of mechanical systems, as well as their maintenance and repair. Recommended methods of creating elements of structures with a guaranteed quality level will be outlined.

Academician V.I. Bol’shakov made a great contribution to solving the problems that the conference is devoted to. In particular, this concerns the problems of rolling mill dynamics, as well as the synthesis of charging systems for large blast furnaces.


1. Section. Reliability of complex mechanical systems.

2. Section. Dynamics and strength of mechanical systems.

3. Section. Diagnostics and maintenance of heavy machinery.

4. Section. Blast furnace charging systems


Chairmen: Corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, rector of National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine Velichko A. G. (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Members of the committee: Algin V.B. (Minsk, Belarus)

Brezinova J. (Košice, Slovakia)

Verenev V. V. (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Dobrov I.V. (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Ischenko A. A. (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Krampitz M. (Magdeburg, Germany)

Mamedov A.T. (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Maruschak P.O. (Ternopil, Ukraine)

Oginsky J. K. (Zaporizhia, Ukraine) Prentkovskis O. (Vilnius,Lithuania)

Sladkowski A.(Katowice, Poland) Scmidt R. (Magdeburg, Germany)

Tsibanyov G. V. (Kiev, Ukraine)

Uchitel A. D. (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine)



Co-Chairman: Belodedenko S. V. (Dnipro, NMetAU)

Muraviova I.G. (Dnipro, IFM)

Members of the committee:

BaglayA.V. (Kharkiv, Diamech-Ukraine)

Baluiev R. (Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering) Bilichenko G. N. (Dnipro, NMetAU)

Vlasov A. A. (Zaporizhia, ZGEA) Kononov D. A. (Dnipro, NMetAU))

Koshik E. (Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering)

Malich N. G. (Dnipro, NMetAU) Pelyh I.V. (Dnipro, EVRAZ-DMP)

Chervinskiy A. E. (Dnipro, NMetAU)

Yunakov A. M. (Dnipro, IFM)

Scientific secretary: Ganush V. I. (Dnipro, NMetAU

For all problems apply to the conference secretariat: Ganush V. I. Tel. +38 0562 47 22 45, +38 067 564 72 43




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