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In 1931, the Department was established and called the Department of Metallography. Academician Vasily N. Svechnikov headed it. 

In 1944, the Department changed its name into the Department of Metal Science. The head of Department, K. P. Bunin, was elected as a Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Academy of Science in 1948.

In 1975, Yuriy N. Taran took the position of his teacher and became the Head of the Department. Elected as a Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Academy of Science (1972), Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Science (1985), Honorable Worker of Ukrainian Science, Laureate of the USSR State Award (1982) and the Ukrainian Award, Laureate of the Cabinet-of-Minister’s Award (1982), and Laureate of State Award in Science and Technology (1996).

The fields of scientific interests is broad, including initiated by K. P. Bunin studies on microheterogeneous structure of melts and development of new functional ferrous materials.

From 2003 to 2008, talented scientist  E.P. Kalinushkin was in charge of the Department. He was a Doctor of Science in Metal Science, specialist in Metallophysics. He found the new scientific perspective for the Department – Development and Investigation of Thin-Film Coatings by High Energy Methods.  

Since 2008, Doctor of Science V.Z. Kutsova has been heading the Department. Carries out academic advising on Solid State Crystalline Transformation in High-Alloy Cast Irons and Non-Ferrous-Based Alloys within Semiconductors.


By now:

20 theses for the Doctor’s Degrees and 150 theses for the Degrees of Candidates of Sciences have been defended.   


image svechnikov_v.s..jpg

Svechnikov V.S. (1931-1944)

image bunin_k.p..jpg

Bunin K.P. (1944-1975)

image taran_yu.n..jpg

Taran-Zhovnir Yu.M. (1975-2003)

image kalinychkin_1.jpg

Kalinushkin Ye.P. (2003-2008)

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