Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

The basik scientific achievements

1. Mining and intrusion of compression boards for reception of empty bimetallic articles for Southern machine-building production plant ". 

2. Cycle of works on energy audit of Alchevsk metallurgical combine, Dneprovsk metallurgical combine, Nikopol plant of a production of ferroalloys. 

3. Mining of energy saving technologies of incineration of gaseous fuels with use of compact regenerative chambers. 

4. Mining a procedure and intrusion of optimum modes of fuel consumption of a blast-furnace plant and metallurgical combine as a whole (Alchevsk metallurgical combine). 

5. The complex for examination of thermal properties of industrial materials is generated, on the basis of which one the database of thermal properties of materials of metallurgical manufacture is received.  

6. The unwasted technology of processing of low-grade coal and use of its yields in metallurgy and energetics is designed.  

7. The energy saving technology of reception of dry ground dross from metallurgical melts is designed. 

8. The technology and inventory for a lime roasting in a hanging up seam is designed and introduced. 

9. The system of technological use of a converter waste gas for restitution of iron-ore raw materials of a roasting of chalkstone and heating by metal is designed. 

10. Mining and scientific justification of systems of pulsation-acoustic incineration of fuel. 

11. Mining jet processes for energy- and resource saving technologies in metallurgy. 

12. The increase of systems of heat supply of the industrial operations measures are designed and introduced.


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