Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

educational and professional program "Project management / Master's level",
speciality: 073 - Management


07 Management and administration


The ability to solve complex tasks and problems in the field of project management, which involves conducting research in the development and implementation of the project, is characterized by innovative approaches and uncertainty of the conditions and requirements and the solution of practical tasks in the field of project management, which include:

-    system and formal principles of project management, portfolio and enterprise development programs;
-    principles of: Project documentations creation; project works anot changes management; closing a separate phase or a project as a whole;of managing stakeholders;determining the composition of works; project content management;resource management;project team managemenof budget creation and of cost management;  Earned Value Management using; risk management and approaches to creating a supply plan;
communication management during the project;-    approaches to schedule management; to selecting suppliers;to managing contracts, tenders;to building a communication plan;
-    commonly used computer software and project management systems;
-    specialized software project management products;
-    aspects of project activity that require legal support;
-    documentary support of the project (legal aspect);
-    labor protection in project management


Educational and professional program "Project Management" of the second (master's) level of higher education in the specialty 073 "Management" in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration"

Additional Information

Specialists in project management have modern managerial thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for solving the tasks of the domain of activity in the field of project activity management, components and resources of the project, using modern innovative and information technologies, have the knowledge and skills in modeling processes for the development and implementation of projects and decision-making in project management.
Students gaining competencies required for professional activities include:

-ability to apply system and formal principles of project management, portfolio and enterprise development programs; search, process and use information from different sources; to communicate using various communication channels (oral, written, graphic), knowledge of the professional language of the branch; to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis;  to act on the basis of ethical considerations, socially responsibly and consciously;  to distinguish projects, programs and portfolios, their differences and management features; to carry out the development of project plans;                to justify change management;               to qualitatively close a separate phase or the project as a whole; to manage stakeholders; to manage the project content; to evaluate resources; to determine the organizational structure of the project (OBS);   ability to develop project teams;  to manage resources; to manage a project team; to evaluate the duration of works; to develop schedules; to develop a budget; to manage costs; to assess risks, do SWOT-analysis; to manage risks; to work in the field of standards of the series ISO 9000 and ISO 21500; to manage quality; to manage communications during the project; to work with specialized software products for project management; to identify aspects of project activity that require legal support;to document the project (legal aspect)

-to be able to worry about health and safety (own, of other people, of the environment);

-understanding the types and structure of business plans.