Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

The department is located on the 1st - 3rd floors of the building "B" and also on the 8th floor of the "M" building. Five lecture halls, seven training laboratories (B-208- "Mechanics of liquids and gases", B-209- "Fuel", B-213- "Electroheating", B-309- "Thermophysics", B-308- "Heat and Mass Transfer", M-806- "Ecology", M-815- "Labor Protection"), equipped with modern laboratory facilities and equipment, laboratory for scientific research - "Furnace Hall", 2 computer classes equipped with 28 computers of modern level, combined In the local computer network and connected to the global Internet, which greatly expands the possibilities of searching for additional methodological and scientific information.

When organizing the educational process, modern office equipment is widely used (multimedia projector, overhead projectors, video equipment), as well as the results of scientific research carried out by the department's scientists and software developed by them (simulated laboratory work, business environmental games, mathematical models of thermal units, realized In the form of computer programs).

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