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For the applicant

ITS department invites applicants to the specialty 122 - Computer Science

Dear seekers of new knowledge and profession of your dreams!

We invite you to board our ship under the name "ITS". You will have not easy but very interesting journey on it! You will gain experience in solving various problems and issues using modern methods and technologies.

The Department of Information Technology and Systems (ITS) prepares  bachelors, masters and PhD in the specialty “122 - Computer Science”.

Why should you join us?

Relevance. Programmer is one of the high-paid professions. The growth of the IT industry annually is 30-40% in Ukraine.


Quality. The graduates of our department work in leading IT companies in Ukraine and abroad.


Possibility of self-realization. Students can discover themselves in specialized circles, amateur art, community service.


More information about us can be found on our page, see the admissions page for the entry deadline.















ITS department invites applicants to the specialty 121 - Software Engineering in industry and business


Also, if you like the fascinating process of developing websites, 3D-models, computer games, other programs, then you should choose training in the Educational program "Software engineering in industry and business", specialty "121 - Software engineering"



specialty "121 - Software Engineering in industry and business".


Software Engineering in industry and business - line training aims to develop software systems that work reliably and efficiently, cost of development and maintenance which are available and which meet the requirements put forward to them by the customer.


Today experts in software engineering is the most in demand in the labor market, among other experts in computer science, they take part in the development of domestic and international software projects and have decent pay for their work.

The demand for professionals with software engineering in industry and business in the future will only grow!


Topics for preparing applicants for passing the professional exam educational program "Software engineering in industry and business" specialty 121 Software engineering on the basis of the "Junior specialist" qualification level



We are waiting you!

Sincerely, ITS department.


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