Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

AS of NF Nikopol Regional Center for Monitoring Education and Social Partnership

Svitlana Zinchenko photo

Director: Svitlana Zinchenko


Address Nikopol.


Phone: (05662) 2-13-15


Additional department of the Nikopol Faculty (NF) - Nikopol Regional Center for Monitoring Awareness and Social Partnership of creations in 2017. (order of NMetAU dated October 27, 2017 No. 72-1i). Authorized by the order of UDUNT dated April 25, 2023. No. 29 The Center is a structural unit of the SF and is subordinated to the faculty.

The center is an important element in the implementation of the policy of the faculty regarding interaction with the main employers of the city of Nikopol and the Nikopol region in accordance with the declared mission and development strategy of the NF of USUNT. The main tasks of the center are as follows:

 - monitoring the situation on the regional labor market, trends in the structure and volume of needs for specialists in the main branches of production, represented at the municipal and regional levels;

 - collection, systematization and analysis of responses and wishes of employers on the quality of training at the faculty;

 - promoting the employment of graduates and analytical processing of data on the trajectories of their employment and career growth;

 - systematic and constant (during the year) propaganda work with the involvement of staff and teachers of the faculty in order to provide a contingent for training;

 - ensuring constant cooperation of the faculty with employers and consumers of educational services within the framework of social partnership agreements.