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The “Entrepreneurship” section was created within the FUEL Project .The Project has been funded by the Government of Flanders under the Co-operation Programme between Flanders and Central and Eastern Europe. The Co-operation Programme is focused on the development of contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation between Flanders and countries from Central and Eastern Europe which had became the priority area within Flanders ' foreign policy. More about Co-operation Programme

This section oriented to the needs of students, teachers, researchers and all public, who are interested in getting of skills of entrepreneurship. Support of small entrepreneurship and small business, in particular among young people, is an extremely important area of governmental policy.

Educational as well as scientific activity of technical universities is mostly focused on the demands of large enterprises, whose share in the labour market will be reduced in the course of time.

Complications connected with the search of workplace at factories, banks and other institutions lead to the fact that young people's attention turns to the sphere of private business. At this point alumni face the problem of shortage of information regarding possibilities of self-realization in the sphere of small and medium business. Moreover, even those who have certain knowledge in economics and certain business skills may be afraid of starting their own business.

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