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Krivosheyev Andrey Evdokimovich (31.08.1899 - 26.01.1995) - professor, doctor of technical sciences – well known scientist in sphere of foundry manufacture. Many years worked over a problem of increase of resistance and improvement of technology of manufacture offorming rolls. For radical improvement and development of new technological processes of rollerfounding manufacture he was awarded with the State premium of the USSR. Since 1945 on 1975 managed by departament of foundry manufacture, has prepared more than 30 candidates of technical sciences. He is author of more than 200 scientific works, including the unique monography «Casted rolls». Since april, 1975 after leaving of post of head of departament Andrey Evdokimovich has concentrated his efforts on work with students of the senior courses, post-graduate students, young scientific employees. He continued to carry on active scientific work, has published a series of fundamental works in the field of a liquid conditionof meltson basis of iron, heredity and chilling of rolling cast irons. Till last day of his life Andrey Evdokimovich was vividly interested in a condition of educational and research processes on departament, met with colleagues and students. He was always cheerful and had optimistically mood. Andrey Evdokimovich has died on January, 26, 1995 at 23 o'clock 30 minutes. Numerous pupils,associates, colleagues and students payed last tribute to Andrey Evdokimovich. Funeral have taken place in clear frosty day on January, 28, 1995. Subject audience of departament is named in honour of Andrey Evdokimovich Krivosheev. Memory of him will be always kept by everyone who knew him, worked with him and loved him.


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