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MATVEEVA M.O. - oustanding pedagogue and well-known scientist-founder.

The main proceedings are: a complex of works on research of mechanisms of structure formation of new types of alloys in a gravitational field, development and adoption of technology of centrifugal casting of tube-rolling rolls (in 1992 for these works has been awarded with medal of Academy of sciences of Ukraine with the premium for young scientists), " Research of influence of parameters of melt on properties of metal of a working layer of rolls" (1999), manual "Equipment of foundry shops. Calculation of production program. Melting and core branches" (2002), manual "Equipment of foundry shops. Moulding branch " (2005), " Influence of chromium, titanium and nitrogen on formation of structural components of wearproof high-strength cast irons" (2003), " White wearproof cast irons, alloyed by manganese, titanium and nitrogen" (2003), "Influence of chromium on formation of graphite in cast iron" (2004), "Features of eutectic processes in white and half-and-half cast irons, alloyed by chromium" (2006) and others.


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