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Weekday learning process. Photos and comments.

These beautiful, intelligent person ...


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Subject them to the audience. AE Krivosheeva (photo) (18.jpg 84 kb)

In the audience were trained hundreds of engineers, foundry workers, many of whom became prominent scientists and educators, renowned production managers, community leaders, financiers and entrepreneurs.

In forming and melting laboratory (photo 1) (19.jpg 86 kb)

Briefing before the start of laboratory work to determine fluidity silumin

In forming and melting laboratory (photo 2) (20.jpg 78 kb)

Familiarization with modeling equipment

In forming and melting laboratory (photo 3) (21.jpg 75 kb)

Fill silumin into the mold (Spiral Carey)

A state examination commission works (photo) (22.jpg 74 kb)

A lively discussion of final master's thesis defense</>


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