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Scientific activity

The scientific school of foundry workers at the Metallurgical Institute of Dnepropetrovsk (currently USUST SEI "IIBT", the city of Dnipro) has been working since 1933. Today the teachers of the department are 5 professors, doctors of technical sciences; 6 associate professors, candidates of technical sciences. 

Preparation of masters is carried out in two specialties:
1. "Foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys".
2. "Casting (by types)" with specializations:
• Art and jewelery casting.
• Precision casting, dental and orthopedic casting.
• Casting of non-metallic materials (glass, plastics, slag, crystal, candy, chocolate, candles, etc.).
None of the department of foundry production in Ukraine, except for USUST SEI "IIBT", has an approved standard of the Ministry of Higher Education, a license and the right to prepare masters in the specialty "Casting (by types)".
List of main laboratories and equipment of the foundry department.
1. Laboratory of artistic and jewelry casting.
2. Melting laboratory - induction furnace ITPE-0.03 / 0.05 TM1 with a crucible capacity of 30 kg; Induction furnace VTG-10-22 with a crucible capacity of 2 kg; Induction furnace VCHI10-10 / 0,44 with a crucible capacity of 200 g; Induction furnace MGP-60 with a crucible capacity of 60 kg; Electric furnace for heat treatment and drying of molds with 15 position temperature regulator, press 50 tons, etc.
3. Molding laboratory - molds, molds, forming tools, mixing runners, etc.
4. Laboratory research properties of molding materials.
5. Laboratory for the manufacture of ceramic shell molds, as well as precision casting from non-ferrous metals and alloys.
6. Laboratory of research of special properties of molding and model materials.
7. Dental laboratory.
8. Metallographic laboratory and polishing site.

The main directions of research activities of the department of foundry:
1. Casting for melted and burned models.
2. Manufacture of cast iron and steel rolling rolls.
3. Centrifugal casting.
4. Casting using external physical influences on the crystallizing melt in the mold, including the technology of the controlled gas-dynamic effect of the melt to obtain high-quality castings with high mechanical and service properties.
5. Development of compositions of modifiers and technological processes for modifying and refining ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including nanodispersed materials.
6. Development of compositions of ecologically pure bezsmoljanyh cold-hardening molding and core mixes.
7. Technology for producing cast alloys based on remelting of deformable alloys of the Al-Mg, Al-Si-Mg system and fabricating quality castings from them.
8. Physicochemical and foundry processes of interaction of melts with refractory materials and gases, including the causes of defects on technical, artistic, jewelry and dental castings.
9. Technology of production of castings from wear-resistant alloys, including special purpose.
10. Technology for the production of castings from high-strength cast iron.
11. Casting of non-metallic materials.
12. Casting of combined castings.
13. New ways of making molds for precision casting.


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