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candidate of technical science, assistant professor



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Room : A-505


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Was born in Dnepropetrovsk on October, 24th 1976. Has graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical academy in 1998 In 2001 took postgraduate study which ended in 2004 Since 2004 - the assistant of chair of foundry manufacture of National metallurgical academy of Ukraine.

Dissertational work is devoted to working out of technology of the differentiated influence on structurization of separate parts hardening ingots of the large metallurgical equipment. Work defence took place in 2009. Work is continuation and development of a traditional scientific direction of chair of foundry manufacture - increases of operational firmness of reliability ingots of the large metallurgical equipment.

The basic researches are made in manufacture of ingots from cast iron of different structures for manufacture of preparation rollings, the author of 14 scientific works, including 1 invention on working out of new technological process of differentiated graphitizing modifyings of separate parts of hardening casting.

The area of scientific interests, except already resulted, extends on working out of scientific bases of creation of accessible processes in wide application and devices on direct 3D to manufacture of details and rolls.

Pedagogical activity consists in lecturing on disciplines "Foundry manufacture", "designing Bases", "Standardization, metrology and the control", carrying out laboratory, seminar and a practical training on all disciplines of special courses, supervises over course and degree designing, НИРС.