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 Selivеrstov Vadym Yu.

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Borned inDnepropetrovskof 20.08.1972. After ending of the State metallurgicalacademyofUkraineon speciality "Casting production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals" in 1994 entered graduate school which finished in 1997. Dissertation work is devoted to research and development of technology for adjustable gas dynamic replacement of liquid metal out of siphon gate system in castings and ingots, is continuation and development of traditional scientific direction of department of casting production are decisions of problem of decline of unproductive expenses of metal, including on the gate system of founding. Defence of work took place in2000 inthe National technicaluniversityofUkraine. In the same year Vadym Seliv’orstov becomes an assistant, and then and associate professor of department of casting production of NMetAU. With 2002 for 2003 is chairman of advice of young scientists of NMetAU. With 2003 Dean of electrometallurgy faculty. In 2011 protected doctoral dissertation, is devoted to development of theoretical bases of conditioning temperature and power, and realization of time-varying gas pressure (gaz-dynamyc influence) on a liquid phase to the complete freezing of cast in the pressurized system of cast - device for the input of gas. Author the more than 130 advanced studies, studies educational, including 12 patents and certificates on the right of intellectual ownership.

New scientific developments touch the use of the second materials as the components of cast forms and cored mixtures, heat-resistant mixtures for making of riser of the large steel and iron casts, developments of theoretical and technological bases of gaz-dynamyc influence on solidifiable fusion in a cast form with the purpose of upgrading metal of casts and ignots.