Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

General Elective Courses for the Bachelors' Level of all Specialities


Basics of Bookkeeping Accounting (se_osnbuhobliku.pdf 191 kb)

Fundamentals of insurance protection of citizens (silabus_osnovi_strahovogo_zahistu_gromadyan.pdf 367 kb)

Fundamentals of Financial Literacy (silabus_osnovi_finansovoy_gramotnosti.pdf 395 kb)

Finance, money and credit (finansy_hroshi_ta_kredyt_silabus.pdf 229 kb)

Financial Analysis (se_finanaliz.pdf 214 kb)

The financial foundations of your own business (silabus_fin_osnovi_vlasnoyi_spravi.pdf 243 kb)

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