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Registration for a foreign exam

Registration for participation in the single entrance exam in foreign languages ​​for entry to receive the second (master's) level of higher education begins on 05/12/2020 and ends on 05/06/2020
For registration, applicants must send a letter to the email address of the selection committee with the following contents:
1. Subject of the letter: Last name First name Patronymic

2. Text of the letter: I, Last name First name, Taxpayer account card number, please register me to participate in the single entrance exam in a foreign language (indicate the exam language) for entry to receive the second (master) level of higher education in the specialty (name of specialty ), a form of training (full-time or part-time).
Photocopies of my documents are attached.
Contact phones (current phone numbers of the applicant)

3. The student attaches to the letter:
- a photocopy of an identity document;
- a photocopy of the taxpayer account card;
- photo for documents;
- A copy of the document confirming the degree of higher education (bachelor’s, specialist or master’s diploma with attachment)
- a copy of the certificate issued at the place of study, on the planned completion of studies and obtaining a diploma in the year of admission (for people who complete their studies in the current year, whose personal data are entered into the Unified State Database on Education)
- a copy of the medical report in the form of primary accounting documentation 086-3 / о (if it is necessary to create special conditions for passing the entrance test).
- a photocopy of a completed application form
If you have any questions, please call: 098 414-97-61


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