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Kovalchuk Kostyntyn Fedorovych

doctor of economic sciences, professor



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Doctor of Science, Full professor, Dean of faculty of economy and management, academician of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine after speciality "Management" (in 04.05.01, m. Donetsk). Engineer-economist (1977), candidate of economic sciences (1983), associate professor (1987), doctor of economic sciences (1996) is a full professor (1997), Exellent of education of Ukraine (1999), academician of the Ukrainian academy of economic cybernetics (2000), academician of academy of economic sciences of Ukraine (2001). All of scientifically pedagogical activity is related to the economic faculty of the National metallurgical academy of Ukraine. Assistant (from 1977), associate professor, (from 1985), dean (from 1994 for teperishniy time), professor (from 1996 to present). Industry of scientific interests is economic cybernetics (automation of management of operations, theory of acceptance of financial decisions, financial cybernetics). A founder of new scientific direction is intellectual support of acceptance of economic decisions taking into account the level of consistency and plenitude of knowledges oh to the problem situation. Successfully carried out researches in the Peking university (China, 1988-1989), in Academy of civil servants (Germany, in 1994), in the New York university (The USA, in 1995). Manages post-graduate sudents (from 1994), prepared 5 candidates of economic sciences and is the member of two specialized scientists of councils of defence of dissertations from an economy.

Scientific developments of the last years are the methodologies of intellectual support of acceptance of managerial, administrative, financial (innovative, investment, insurance, tax, and others like that) and commercial decisions related to working.

Over 200 scientific proceedings.