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Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Bezuglyy Anatoliy Vladimirovich photo

Bezuglyy Anatoliy Vladimirovich

senior teacher



Phone : +380677193773

Room : 229


1. Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, 1966, automation and complex mechanization of metallurgical production, metallurgical engineer

Academic disciplines:

1. Electrical material knowledge.

2. Electrical measurements.

3. Power converters.

4. Electronics and microcircuitry.

The main directions of scientific research:

In scientific terms, he is studying the electrical circuit of steelmaking and ferroalloy furnaces with a powerful electric arc, as well as the features of the electrical circuit of small metallurgy and electric calcinators.

The author of 9 inventions. One of the developments that has been introduced into the industry is an electric discharge device during the afterburning of oil vapor in the vacuum chambers of sintering machines during the disposal of scale

Co-author of six patents, one of which is used in the electrometallurgy of Ukraine and China.

 Professional skills:

1. He participated in the launch of electrometallurgical units in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Iraq and China.

2. Has been working at the department since 1957.