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 1. Increasing the energy efficiency of blast furnace heating: monograph / L.P. Gres, S.A. Karpenko, A.A. Naumenko, V.P. Ivaschenko, A.O. Eremin, E.A. Karakash, E.V. Gupalo; ed. Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. L.P. Gresa. - Dnipro: 2021 .- 612 p.


  The monograph provides a general description of heat exchangers of regenerative and recuperative types and methods for increasing energy efficiency, as well as methods for modernizing existing air heaters and heat exchangers for heating combustion components.

   It is intended for specialists of metallurgical and machine-building enterprises, design and research institutes, as well as students, graduate students and doctoral students of metallurgical specialties of universities.

  The monograph is devoted to the scientific and creative cooperation of the collectives of the SoyuzEnergo concern and the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.







  2.  Development of steels for metal products for railway purposes: monograph / A.I. Babachenko, GA. Kononenko, O. V. Roslik, K.M. Roslenko, R.V. Podolsky. - Dnipro: "Dominant-print", 2020.- 29 


  In the monograph, scientific provisions on the regularities of the influence of the chemical composition and structural state of ferrite-pearlite steels used for the production of railway metal products (wheels and rails) on their service and operational technical characteristics (wear resistance, sensitivity to thermal effects during braking) were developed.


  The monograph is intended for scientific, engineering and technical employees of research institutes, metallurgical and machine-building plants, it can be useful for teachers and students of the corresponding universities.








  3.  Technical regulation and control at the enterprise: textbook / A.M. Dolzhansky, A.S. Maksakova, A.A. Bondarenko, K.A. Chernoivanenko, T.A. Ayupov et al. / under the editorship of A.M. Dolzhansky. - Dnipro: "Svidler A.L.", 2021. - 523 p.

  The textbook covers the whole range of tasks arising from the implementation and implementation of technical regulation measures (standardization, conformity assessment, legal metrology) and the organization of technical control of the quality of products, processes and systems at an enterprise, in particular at a metallurgical plant using metrological and qualimetric methods and measuring instruments, assessing their applicability and accuracy.

   It is coordinated with the requirements of the industry standard of higher education in Ukraine for the training of specialists in the specialty 152 - Metrology and information and measurement technology and is based on the general world and national experience of carrying out these works, in particular on the basis of the laws of Ukraine and the ISO 9000 series standards.

   Recommended for students, graduate students, university professors, as well as entrepreneurs, heads of organizations operating in the areas of technical regulation, quality assurance and technical control.





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