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"The courageous fighter for the truth and freedom"

 The word of Panas Mirny is the word  devotion to the people and homeland.

 M. Stelmakh

The name of Panas Mirny (Panas Yakovlevich Rudchenko), a classic of Ukrainian literature, is well known in our country and far beyond its borders. He deservedly occupies an honorable place among the advanced revolutionary-democratic writers of the second half of the nineteenth century.

He is rightly called the leading figure of Ukrainian prose, an outstanding artist - a realist, the conscience of the working people. The content of all the multifaceted activities of Panas Mirny is serving the interests of the people.

He wrote: "Enchanted and drunk, I took up my work, rejoicing that at least a small - small spot would serve it for the benefit of my native country and its enslaved peoples."

“The courageous fighter for truth and freedom” is the name of the book exhibition dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of Panas Mirny (1849-1920), which you can read on the subscription of fiction (aud. 417-a).

Information 15.05.2019.


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